Tales of Runeterra: Bilgewater

For the past two months I had the absolute pleasure of working on the latest Riot Games' short from the Tales of Runeterra with Axis Studios!

To mix things up a bit, this time not working on the paintings themselves but working behind the scenes managing the DMP pipeline with the amazing painting work from Anastasia Shiyankova, Chris Ostrowski and Almu Redondo under Art direction of Bram Sels. Building off the great setup work from CG supe Steven Barbour & Lighting Lead Robert Connor with the help of Adrien Douay I managed most all the projection setups, BG tech issues, artist liaising & pipeline streamlining - from making new automated Nuke template scripts to writing some basic photoshop scripts to speed up workflows. Very much a change of gears from me, but an incredibly fun experience that I've learnt a huge amount from.

Full credits:
Senior team:
Jeremy Thompson: Director Traci Tufte: Executive Producer Eliza Guzikowska-Siupik: Producer Steven Barbour: CG Supervisor Bram Sels: Art Director
Adrien Douay, Adrien Mingot, Agatha Vermeil, Alan MacEachern, Alejandro Delgado Rubianes, Almu Redondo, Amy Paterson, Anastasiya Shiyankova, Angus Dunn, Anna Cowan, Carlo Kasongo, Chloe Paton, Chris McDonald, Chris Ostrowski, Claudio Quarra Sacco, Craig Herbertson, Csaba Baity, Dani Calleja, David Lewander, Duncan Formosa, Ekaterina Pushkarova, Elena Distefano, Hamish Mitchel, Harry Houghton, Hudson Martins, Jayden Paterson, Jens Wisser, Jonas Bergholm, Jose Domato, Joseph Nickson, Laura Del Nido, Lee Croudy, Louise McGregor, Lukas Gecas, Mateo Bernard, Miki Bencz, Navis Binu, Nicolas Cevrero, Nicole Rothermel, Pablo Bosh, Philipp Buschauer, Rishab Chitroda, Robert Connor, Roxanne Nathan, Ruaraidh Gilles, Rudy Bourgoin, Scott Jardine, Sofia Hansson, Stephen Cunningham, Tamas Sarffi, Xabier Urrutia