Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion - Official Cinematic Trailer - Magic The Gathering - Matte Painting

Had the pleasure of leading Matte Painting on last years Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion for Magic The Gathering while in-house at Axis Studios working with our mini team of Dave Tipper and Waldemar van Deurse.

Only undertook one shot myself atop lead duties, but had a whole lot of fun rebuilding Patryk Stefaniak's fantastic cathedral concept procedurally in Houdini, and rendering in Redshift with some light nuke comping before handing down the chain. Final background sky and mountain work completed by Dave Tipper once I'd left the project.

Big thanks as ever to art dept head Jon Beeston, AD Gareth Hector, director Jon Yeo & environments lead Stevie Gill.

Patryk Stefaniak's concept: