Tales of Runeterra: Don't Mess With Yordles | League of Legends: Wild Rift

Had the pleasure last year to lead the ever growing Axis Studios projections team for this fun new episode for Riot.

On the lead-up to the episode I got the chance to restructure our internal pipeline, making new little time-saving, and headache reducing tools and processes for the team to use giving us more capabilities with camera moves, reuse of the amazing painting work done by our painting team and more. During the latter half of the project I also jumped aboard on extra painting duties, but main credit go to the amazing offsite team (Anastasia Shiyankova, Chris Ostrowski, Roberto Gatto, Ananda Aran, Rob Foote) . Its been a wild year of learning and pushing my technical proficiency, many thanks as always to Axis Studios for having me aboard this incredibly fun project!

Many thanks to the Projections team: Adrien Douay, Lucas Tebib & Stefan Bernscherer for jumping aboard!

And our great Art Director: Almu Redondo